It’s Party Time Baby

Mardi Gras The very name brings visions of revelry, good times, great music, happiness and celebration. Where you can get lost in the moment and simply enjoy the party.

This is what our latest Dance Floor Wrecking Ball, Mardi Gras brings to the table. This 9 piece powerhouse continues AEG’s tradition of unforgettable grooves hypnotizing harmonies, and organically performed hits with the highest level of authenticity. The frontline performers are interactive and know how to get the party started and keep the dance floor ablaze all night. The rhythm section and horns keep you jumping as they seamlessly move from song to song “Juke Box Style”. What is your desire? Motown,Top 40, Funk, Disco, Soul and R&B Classics, Jazz, Sinatra? You want it, Mardi Gras has it!

Whenever Mardi Gras Hits The Stage, You Will Know That It’s Party Time Baby!